Writing and Editing


Travel writing, history, and photography piece on the site ancient Icelandic democratic gatherings and the continental divide (Atlas Obscura).

Mexico’s Ancestral Libation

An email newsletter covering the history and present-day revival of pulque, a mystical Mexican beverage (True the Magazine).

The Day at Davos

An email newsletter reporting and curating news from the World Economic Forum in a marketing collaboration with Bank of America (Quartz)

Reinventing Fire

Contributed editorial consulting and ghostwriting to this piece and several others in a nonprofit’s corporate history series (Biolite “Road to Impact”).

Preserving Black Culture

Reported marketing piece created for Citi on their contributions to the world-renowned Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (Quartz).

Presidential Campaign Tech

Data scraping and interpretation for an interactive report on growing tech spending by presidential campaigns in a marketing collaboration with Hewlett Packard (HPE Newsroom).