We e-meet at last!

I am a writer, coder and make-good-things-happener. Let's talk.
  • Mexico’s Ancestral Libation

    An email newsletter covering the history and present-day revival of pulque, a mystical Mexican beverage (True the Magazine).

  • The Emerald Hunter

    An interview-based profile of an 81-year-old emerald obsessive reflecting on his secrets and pursuit (True the Magazine).

  • Green-Wood Cemetery

    Longstanding web developer and project manager for a landmark Brooklyn cemetery, including multiple desktop, mobile, and e-commerce launches.

  • Museum at Eldridge Street

    Managed a hosting and security revamp as well as general Wordpress and design maintenance for a landmark NYC synagogue.

  • Music in Global America

    Produced an ebook-style multimedia academic site from repurposed course material for a Brooklyn College professor.

  • Prospect Park 2012

    Designed and customized a gallery Wordpress site for a timeline-driven photography project.

  • On Bedford Ave.

    Utilized custom Wordpress theming and plugins to develop a map-based project showcase for a Brooklyn photographer.

  • Cheryl Art Collective

    Designed, developed, and managed launch of a multimedia and events site for a New York City art collective.